Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Boat Ride

It was a hot day and we were at uncle Mike's house and asked if we would like to ride the boat and he said yes so we got all ready and of we went. When we got the boat in the water uncle Mike started the engine he went so fast in the beginning I got super excited the whole entire time I was always smiling. After a little while we stopped at a beach and went to explore the sandy hill and when I touched the sand with my feet it burn like how I burned my foot by stepping on hot coals. Then we went back to the boat and uncle Mike asked if we wanted to go on a walk and both me and Avery said no thank you  so then after a few minutes two wild ducks came and wanted food from us so we gave them some food. After that some big waves came in and pushed the boat up to the shoreline  and so we had to call uncle Mike to come help. Finally when he came we were able to get the boat out away from the shoreline at the end he let us drive the boat mom thought that I was going fast when actually I was going 20-30 miles per hour and Avery was going 50-60 miles per hour. Finally he got back in control and did donuts and the side I was on I could touch the water with my hand so that got me kinda scared that we were going to tip over then we had to go back. The boat ride was awesome and I loved it.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Luna the dog

It was Monday evening and we were coming back from the pool and then there was a dog coming to me. She was white with light tan spots and she had no collar. I yelled out dog to my sister the dog was coming to me with it's tail under it's butt Avery put her on a leash and had me hold her. Avery was going to get her a bowl of water while Avery was doing that a man was walking up to me. I asked him if she was his  he said yes so I unhooked her he tried to get her to come but she wouldn't he told me what happened then Avery came back watching him leave with the dog. I told her what he said he said that her name is Luna and that they were using a power tool and she got scared and ran off. I am so happy that we found  Luna the dog.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Snakes

It was Thursday and we were playing outside I was in the front yard and I heard my mom yell "No Get It Away from ME" I went to see what it was not my mind I thought it might be a snake when I got in the backyard I saw it it was a tiny little snake he was squirming a lot and he was stubborn my sister told me so she named him Ace. Soon after that Ace ecpaped so we wanted to find another one. I heard something in the blue tarp that was on the ground near me then I saw something I told Avery and she caught the snake  and named her Ester. I went  up in the sand dunes and got something when I came down Avery was peeling of Ester's skin. A few hours after that dad wanted us to go through the single track and pick up sticks. When we came up Ester was not there so we asked dad he said she went near the back of the garage then told us about another big snake  just laying by two tree that are growing together. First we found the big snake Avery found out that he was trying to get a big fat toad when I was getting the box for snakes  I went down and got the box I saw her but Avery called me. When I told her what I saw she ran down and I went up she couldn't find her a few moments later we lost the big snake and we couldn't find Ester so Avery went inside I tried to save the toad but... two days later he was dead. I am so happy that we found Ester because she helped me get over my fear of snakes. I am so happy we went and found snakes.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Back on the mountain bike trails after 2 years

It was Friaday night and dad said that we were going on a bike ride tomorrow in the mountain bike trails and I was so happy with that but we had to wake up at 7:00a.m.  It's Saturday morning, I woke up to the  sound of harps playing from my alarm.  I got in my new team biking gear, had a little breakfast  and off we went. We left are driveway, dad found a four wheeler path it was hard because there were lots of lose rocks and sandy up hills. Next came the mountain bike trails, it felt good to be back  after 2 whole years. There were a few bad crashes first fall of the day we were climbing up a hill and I couldn't make it so I got off while dad was talking to Avery my older sister  I was lifting my right leg over... boom I fell with the bike over my head and I couldn't get it off because it was pinning my head down on the ground.  Next fall, Dad lead, followed by Avery,then me,we were climbing up a big hill and Avery could not make it so I went around her dad thought that I was her then I fell sideways on to a rock that was in the side of the trail and my left leg hit the rock. Another one was when we were at the top of a hill and there were big rocks that I had to go over and I did for  go straight over them causing me to fall on them. Finally the last fall we were right at the end but I did not know and I fell into a flower bed  I figured out that I have a unlucky leg because I landed on it every time I fell . These trails up here are crazy!Compared to down  state, there are a lot of big lose rocks with long  down hills and long up hills.The view is beautiful when you get high up along our ride I saw a lot of big beautiful trees,humongous boulders and a large cave that made us wonder what was inside it. At the end I was able to make it all the way home without putting a foot down on the ground in all the four wheeler trails that we rode in earlier. I was so happy to be done because how tried and sore I was.It felt great to be back in the trails after 2 long years.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 Spring Break

One of my best spring break memories in 2016 spring break is when we went on a adventure and I
got to drive the van with dad doing the petals.  Also it was fun when Avery drove the van all by her self with dad telling her what to do. 

Next is when we went to the beach and mom was getting drift wood. Avery, dad, and I were looking at the cool chairs made out of wood. It was our  second time there so mom was getting her second round of drift wood. 

Then finally we went home after a long fun day altogether. Also we got KFC for dinner.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dead River Falls

My sister and I woke up by our mom then got dressed after that we had breakfast right when we were ready to eat our dad came home from work. Then we all were ready and mom was not ready to go so our mom and dad took a nap for a few hours, we went down stairs to play games. When the hours past by they woke up so we all went to McDonalds then went to the falls. We had to hike a bit to get to them we went through a river that was strong because the falls we saw a huge water fall that we got to swim in . Avery jumped in the water twice I only jumped in it one time in a really low place which was at the bottom. After that we had to go back home because my dad had to go to sleep for work so we went through the trail all the way back to the car Avery found some berries on the was back. Then we went to a beach for a few minutes and went back home.